Swansea Bus Museum

Swansea Bus Museum held an open day to the public on Saturday 5th March 2022.

What a great event this was, loads to see from vintage buses, cars, bikes through to stalls and rides for younger children. It was so nice to see so many families venturing out with their families, young and old, who all seemed to enjoy themselves.

Swansea bus museum is run by several volunteers, who many of are former bus drivers themselves, who are very knowledgeable surrounding the heritage of the vehicles that they have there. Some of the vehicles are personally owned by those who volunteer here, and have no problem relaying to you the history behind each bus or car that they may own or have acquired.

The museum can be located in Swansea Enterprise Park, you can visit their website for more details http://www.swtpg.org.uk/

I had the pleasure of being granted permission by Dave (below) who allowed me to get up close to some of the vintage cars and buses, I even took myself up onto the old double deckers to take some abstract photos (which can be seen in the portfolio section), reminiscing some of the good old days when I was young.

We should support these kind of enterprises – our history is important to future generations

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