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Welcome to

Adrian Packington Photography

I am an amateur photographer from the Swansea Valley in South Wales and this is my personal website.

Here I will be documenting some images and articles to show my view of the world through a viewfinder. My reason for this website is for you to enjoy some of the places where I like to visit and photograph, and for myself to document my progress as I develop my photography skills, hopefully improving as time goes by.

Hopefully, you will enjoy viewing the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Please, take a tour around the website and browse the gallery of random photos, or the more dedicated sections that can be found in the portfolio section. Some of the content may appear in more than one set of photos, this is due to photographs being classed as ‘Art’. Art however, can mean different things to different people.

As time progresses, I will be adding some blogs of the places I visit, or information relating to photography as a subject or with reference to the equipment that I currently use on my photographic journey

The content of this website will periodically be updated to include new photos, blogs and articles.