The World Reimagined

Throughout August and October 2022, a new art trail was on display in Swansea city centre – The World Reimagined.

The globes, 10 main ones plus a few extras I found hiding away inside Glyn Vivian Art Gallery, were situated at various locations which took you from Swansea castle, down to Swansea marine, over the new arena and back up to the Glyn Vivian Art Gallery.

The globes were a massive 6 feet in height and were designed by different artists in a bid to transform how we understand the Transatlantic Trade in Enslaved Africans and its impact on all of us so that we can make racial justice a reality, together.

Unfortunately, not long after these were put in situ, the globe positioned just outside the new arena was damaged and had to be taken away for repair – which I was not aware of when I went on the tour, which meant I had to wait several weeks to complete.

So nice to see something like this in Swansea, hopefully things like this will become a common feature around Swansea – and just hoping that the few that go out to destroy these art pieces will leave them alone.

Hopefully you enjoy the photos as much a I appreciated the opportunity to photograph them while they were displayed

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