Shrooms a plenty

On a damp and slightly wet Sunday afternoon what better to do than go hunting for some mushrooms in the woods.

The woods up by Pontsticill reservoir did not disappoint !

With my Fuji XH1 and Fuji 16-55 f2.8 lens to hand I ventured into the woods on a search for the the fungi known as the Red Fly Agaric, a shroomy fungi I have wanted to photograph for some time but never managed to find.

The woods gave way to some incredible shrooms, of all sizes, shapes and colours – what a feast (not literally as some are poisonous).

While in the woods it would have been rude not to some photos other than the shrooms, tall trees losing all their leaves, lichen and a view above (as customary when your in the trees)

A few hours well spent in mother nature, leaving nature do what it does best – grow, die, decay and fertilise the ground it grows on, ready to start the cycle over again.

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