Rhossili Sunflowers 2022

For the last few years, Rhossili down in the Gower has been lending some of its fields to grow a vast array of sunflowers which are supplied and managed by Gower Fresh Christmas Trees of three Crosses.

This year we were treated to two fields of sunflowers, which gave us a mixed selection of colours and bordered by a mix of wildflowers.

As part of the visit, children were able to participate in a hunt for hidden ornaments/wood carvings of various animals/creatures and once they had found all of them they were handed a gift packet of sunflower seeds so that they could grow their own at home.

Below are some of the beautiful photos of the sunflowers that I managed to take, unfortunately due to the weather being so hot and dry during much of the season, there were quite a few sunflowers who were not quite looking their best.

If you manage to visit the sunflowers in Rhossili be prepared, the area is very busy during the summer months with visitors and tourists. Rhossili, along with the rest of Gower, is an area of outstanding natural beauty. Please be respectful of others as the roads can be busy, narrow in places and often the main routes through have wild animals roaming freely.

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