Meike 12mm Ultra Wide Angle

So I have been wanting a wide angle lens for a while, since I sold on my Fuji XC 15-45. The Meike 12mm lends came up on ebay as 2nd hand so i bought it!

The lens is classed as an Ultra Wide Angle, is 12mm focal length and starts off as f2.8 – f22, manual only controls.

On a quick trip to one of my favourite places, Dyffryn Gardens, I decided to go armed with my 2 camera bodies, the Fuji X-H1 fitted with the Pergear 60mm macro and the X-T20 fitted with the Meike 12mm – so either way I was going to have a truly manual day no matter which camera I took photos with.

First of all, the Meike lens feels quite solid, metal construction, clicked aperture ring and smooth focusing. On the X-T20 it feels quite well balanced and good to the hold when used.

On trying the lens out, I found that depending on the aperture, it sometimes sometimes seems a little bit soft in the distance, but the foreground is pretty sharp, the colours are quite good and only minimal distortion along the edges which is what I would expect with a wide angle anyway.

Below are some sample shots, minimal editing in lightroom to the exposure as it did start to get a bit gloomy on and off during the day.

Hopefully with a little bit of practice this lens will prove to be one that I would consider using more and more for landscapes or when I venture into astrophotography.

For a lens which cost under £75 I can’t complain and will definitely keep it in my kit when going out for the day on photography walks.

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