Port Talbot Street Art

Port Talbot is located in the South Wales area of the UK, probably more known for its association with British Steel (TATA) and is quite often talked about for its ‘dirty’ air quality which is an unfortunate aspect, due to its location and its surrounding beauty which include – the waterfalls of waterfall country in Pontneddfechan, and Aberavon beach.

This town, which was the Birth place of Sir Anthony Hopkins ( born in Margam ), can be seen by those passers by as in a state of decay and in need of some revamping. There is a town centre which holds all the usual shops and stores, has a shopping quadrant and train station.

When you visit the back streets it’s a different world. Alleyways and side streets are littered with debris and don’t look inviting in daylight, let alone evenings or night time.

But….and it’s a nice but, if you actually go and walk these side roads and places around Port Talbot you will be in for a real surprise.

Back in 2018 some street art was painted on a garage wall, and it was carried out by none other than Banksy, the unknown street artist himself – the artwork was entitled ‘ Season’s Greetings’ and even though it was bought and removed, it now currently resides back in Port Talbot on display in a shop window in the town centre.

Since this occurred, local artists of Port Talbot have been urged to literally ‘paint the town’ in an attempt to revamp it.

Art Walk Port Talbot, which is a new app, takes visitors on a guided tour of the various murals and works of street art in the steel town.

I have been on this walk, which can take a couple of hours, to admire and look at what has been done to the town, some photos of my appreciation can be found here and elsewhere on my website

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